Hello everyone, this is my first post on WesleyEatsPhotos! Check out this bikini I purchased from SwimsuitsForAll. I was inspired by the pictures I saw posted on Instagram and these images of GabiFresh { one , two , &  three } and Cheryl Christine { one , two , &  three } who absolutely killed it in their swimsuits while looking confident and gorgeous. I looked through the SwimsuitsForAll website and this amazing purple bikini stole my heart. Purple is often associated with royalty, wealth, and power and DAMN I feel confident wearing this bikini.

The last few months, I have been on a journey to improve on myself. I have definitely come a long way and improved on my self-confidence in my professional life. Now, I want to continue the momentum and push myself to become comfortable with my body. As someone who is considered plus size, I often run into dilemmas. The first dilemma is that I usually find shopping for clothes, much less a swimsuit to be a pain and draining if the fit is wrong. Second, most things that I find are shapeless and baggy. And lastly,  if I’m lucky to find something that fits well most times it is plain or the pattern is very unflattering. I am very happy to say that I fell in love with this swimsuit when I tried it on. Just want to let you know that I first purchased this bikini in a size 16 but had to exchange it for a size 14 because both top and bottom were a bit loose on me. I went to Far Rockaway with my friends last weekend and chilled on the beach. Check out the great pictures of it below. Thank you, Joe for taking these photos for me!

"SwimsuitsForAll Swim Sexy Purple Safari Bikini"
"Plus size Bikini SwimsuitsForAll"

"SwimsuitsForAll Bikini"
"Purple Bikini"
"SwimSexy Purple Safari Bikini"
"Purple Print Safari Bikini"
"Plus size purple bikini Swimsuit"
"SwimsuitsForAll Purple Bikini and waves"
"SwimsuitsForAll Bikini"
"Plus size Purple Bikini"
"Purple Safari Bikini Plus Size"
I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and feel inspired to be comfortable in your skin at the beach or pool this summer. Thank you for stopping by! Please comment below.