So you want to learn how to look fabulous in gold sequins? Well, first things first! Just wear them!  (Scroll down & read to find out how I rocked this gold sequin dress!)



Spring just past and we are on to summer, but this is the prime season for social gatherings. Back in April, I wore this beautiful champagne gold sequin dress to my cousin’s wedding. It was my first time attending a wedding as an adult and I wanted to wear something that was glamorous, sexy yet tasteful. I’m so glad that I listened to my instincts and went against wearing a typical floral garden party dress for a spring wedding.

There’s a funny story behind me getting this dress. My mom first saw the silver version of the dress on and decided to try it on. When she did, both myself and my godmother try to convince her that the dress was beautiful on her. For some reason, she didn’t feel that the dress was for her and thought that the dress was better suited for someone who was younger. Seeing this as a great fashion opportunity, I quickly snatched up the dress to see if it would flatter my figure. I was SO ecstatic when I tried it on and saw that the dress hugged my curves beautifully. I nearly cried out of sheer happiness when the saleswoman informed me that the dress was also available in gold. The silver dress was beautiful but it didn’t hold a light to the gold dress AT ALL when I tried it on. It was pure magic, just like when the glass slipper was a perfect fit for Cinderella. There is just something about gold that makes me feel regal, confident and complements my skin.

Dress is from Chic’s Place, Shoes from Macy’s, Earrings from BaubleBar, and Clutch is from DSW